Being Accused of operating a Pyramid Scheme

Being Accused of operating a Pyramid Scheme I just had a young man call me out for being in a Pyramid Scheme. Let's play a game. Pyramid Schemes are ILLEGAL! So that would mean I am operating an in an Illegal Activity and persuading others to do the same thing. So to those who believe… Read More »

How To Show More People When You Don't Know What To Show Them

Show MORE People! Are you new at Networking? Every single one of this has to start somewhere. At the beginning that none of us know exactly what to do. But we have to get started! When I first got started I listen to an audio by a man who was very upset that his progress.… Read More »

What are you selling?

What are you selling? I see people posting recipes as if they have their own store, sharing their fascinations with a tv show as if they work for the industry and are getting a cut of the commission. Every single thing you post is making someone else money! EVERYTHING - pictures of your children, videos,… Read More »

Crazy Motivation

How Do They Do It? Do you ever ask yourself, "How do they do it?".  Maybe you see a person drive by in a car that you've always dreamed of having.  Seen a photo of some models who are ripped up and you would like to look like them.  How about maybe you're seeing images… Read More »

19 Hilarious Travel Complaints

 19 Hilarious Travel Complaints Every single one of us have gone on a trip and had something not be perfect.  But some of these people, their situations well, take the cake! Check these out! THESE ARE ACTUAL HILARIOUS TRAVEL COMPLAINTS RECEIVED BY "THOMAS COOK VACATIONS" FROM DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS: "They should not allow topless sunbathing on… Read More »

Doing Something Very Wrong

I've Been Doing Something Very Wrong for the Past Year! To begin with, I'm part of a very amazing network marketing company!  I truly have fallen in love with the concept and our product.  Like others, I originally joined for the product and then fell in love with the business opportunity.  But most people just… Read More »