Confession of an Ingress Cheater

unnamed  Good afternoon I am an Ingress "cheater". I realize that many of you are already upset at hearing that someone is openly admitting to cheating. Now hear me out as I chose to cheat in order to play this game more enjoyably.

I picked up this game after being BLASTED by an advertisement when I opened my Droid Ultra. I was very Leary to play as I am not quick to join in on the nerd fest games and found the premise to be quite "LARP" like, especially when you travel to "Anomaly" events and have meetups with all of your "Ingress" friends.

But I turned the game on, and found it fun to "DRIVE" around and capture portals, submit photos, create new portals etc. I also found it interesting to use the comm to get to know the people in the area who were playing and learn from them.

But my playing the game lead to near disaster while visiting a "big city". See I travel for work, And any given week, I could be anywhere in the United States or elsewhere. Which cportalreates a challenge in and of itself as Ingress sees me traveling and thinks I am already cheating as I may leave one area and be in another as I got on a plane and went some where else. I also drive a lot. I am writing this after driving from Atlanta Ga, to My home in WV. Driving and playing Ingress gives me some enjoyment as I love to do drive by XMP drops which alert the owners of the resonators and the portals that they are under attack, I typically don't hang around long enough to destroy them, it is more of my way of saying hello. Now I will say that I have destroyed quite a few Resistance portals and have taken pure enjoyment while doing so, but I was there when it happens. So the near disaster took place while in Columbus Ohio. I was driving in complete amazement at finding the HUNDREDS of portals around the downtown area, and was driving and pressing hack, over and over and over. But in doing so, wasn't paying much attention to my driving, and to where I was driving. It became late, like after 11pm late, and I had ended up in the Deep Hood of Columbus. I wasn't under any direct threat, but knew that if I had spent much time there, my presence could have been objected to. I also had many time where I would almost miss a stop light or stop sign as I was watching the game more than I was the road. Playing this game is quite dangerous if you are a driver. 

So you are saying "Why am I reading this, this guy isn't cheating?!". But I learned too. See I found the Press Hack option to be awful. And for a person like me, I NEEDED an option to Auto Hack so I could collect enough tools to enjoy the game. This game has such a crappy interface, in terms for people who are riding bikes, driving cars, etc. It would require you to stop over and over and over to get keys, and other supplies. I found that using a tool I won't name, I was able to auto hack and auto deploy. I never have used this tool to Auto Attack as I find that would be less "FUN", but not having enough "supplies", you can't play with any success of gaining ground or AP. This game would take forever living in a remote location as I and others who are local do as our limited amount of portals make playing the game much harder. Traveling alone I have gained so many supplies that after my first trip to Columbus Ohio, I deployed more than 600 resonators. And only after returning to Columbus was I able to resupply as our 20+ portals don't allow for the type of supply mining that a big city has to offer.

I am 74,000 AP away from level 8, I intend to get to LEVEL 8 this weekend by re-linking and fielding Pomeroy Ohio thanks to my Resistance friends who love to wipe out what I have created just I as I have done to them. I enjoy this game, but I am writing this in hopes that others who are cheating to make the game more enjoyable to play openly admit it to show Ingress that playing the game otherwise is boring, uneventful, and otherwise would just get uninstalled. Utilizing tools to help make the game more "FUN" is the point. I am not attempting to ruin the game for anyone nor I have I hurt the Resistance by hacking their portals over and over as I drive.

I am admitting this because I was caught. Ingress' software detected that I was utilizing an out of date build and had determined that by using this build of software I was "cheating". If I hadn't have been using this out of date build I don't know if I would have been caught as I wasn't spoofing my GPS, although my travel could possibly be considered spoofing but having hotel records, receipts from local purchases, I could prove all of my travel. I think maybe this is a game better considered for a college age kid who doesn't leave campus. But as I am a professional, I get to do a bit more with my reach than some children do.

It is odd though that Google created one of the most creepy games ever created. Hear me out, how many of us have just sit outside of a building for 5 minutes waiting for the refresh so we can get another key, or keep driving by one location over and over again to build the link again. I know I have been made loops of Pomeroy Ohio and have caught the attention of many locals who have to be thinking "what is this guy selling?". Having the ability to Auto Hack, makes the game so much less "Creepy".

SO INGRESS, please for the love of Pete, enable an Auto Hack, Auto Deploy feature. Stop punishing those of us who want to safely play your game. And if you are one of these people who "Hate" a cheater, don't hate the cheater, hate the game for making us have to cheat to play safely.

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Curry Russell
No Alarm Clock Needed
Husband, Father, Friend. - World traveler, Veteran, life liver. I have spent all of my adult life gaining as many experiences as I can to share with you. Please take the time to comment!

Curry Russell

Husband, Father, Friend. - World traveler, Veteran, life liver. I have spent all of my adult life gaining as many experiences as I can to share with you. Please take the time to comment!

  • Christopher Otto

    Please stop using quotation marks.

  • Tomas P.

    I don't think Ingress is a game made for driving. First of all, you are a jerk for driving and playing the game at the same time, good thing you quit it before running over someone. Ingress encourages you to walk around, explore, go to places you would never visit normaly etc. That's what is so fun about it. And you used it to pass time while you drive. You might as well just spoof it if all you want to do is sit on your ass and imagine that you accomplish something. No wonder you got bored of the game, you barely got to actually play it.

    • While appreciate your opinion, I felt that I took major advantages of hitting hundreds if not thousands of spots that while you are walking, I was able to drive there. I understand the safety, but I wasn't looking at the game as a way to explore, but rather a game of war, to destroy the other opponents, gain tools, and win. But you leave me to conclude that you don't visit places by car. Because I know, I have gone to MANY places I typically wouldn't venture to, by vehicle way more than by foot. But I am glad you not only took the time to read my rant, but to comment! Thank you!

      • Tomas P.

        You see Ingress as a game of war, fair enough. It is mostly about that. But it's nice to hear that you did go to places you usually wouldn't visit.
        Using a car to get from place to place doesn't bother me. What does is using a car to grind points. Based on your story it seems to me that you weren't even enjoying the game. You were just grinding. And now you are complaining that the game doesn't allow you to grind faster?
        And how unfair would it be if the game allowed auto-hack. I rarely drive car, I walk or use bike. That means you would hit even more points that me with auto-hack function. Why would the developers of the game add this change if the whole point of the game was to get people moving. If you give drivers even more advantages the game becomes unfair to the people who actually are interested in the game and the challenge.
        Also, isn't it insanely cool to see someone pull out their phone near a portal, quickly press something and go away. Spotting someone like this makes you wonder if they are agents or just regular texting folks. If auto-hack is available the charm of the game is lost, because the players would rarely pull out their cellphones. And a lot of them wouldn't even be walking, but flying by in a car. Does that sound like a fun game to you?

        • Thomas Hermansson

          Hey there!

          Must say I agree with Curry here! Itยดs not relevant to say that you shouldnt drive a car cause that is unfair. There are so many unfair situations in this game and you only have to accept the fact that some players will easier level up and collect weapon. All the students that play in Lund (Sweden) have huge advantages as they have >100 portals in the student are. They can just sit at a lecture and randomly press "hack" all day long. That is not the case for someone who is not a student anymore.
          The beauty of the game is not to walk around and stare at your phone all the time just because you need to collect weapons. The beauty (in my opinion) is to compete with the players nearby and steal the portals from each other.
          With an autohack feature you could instead focus on looking up and viewing the environment around you, no matter if you drive, bicycle or walk. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • xycabz

            ALL VALID OPINIONS. I love Ingress. I also have many critiques about it that I think needed improvements long ago, to the point that it spurred my motivation in game development.

  • sparkkeh

    Or you know you could level more slowly like the rest of us who dont cheat. There are players levelling in Salix, iowa and placesin rural scotland that have only a few portals in range and they arent cheating. You are an entitled, whining cheater who got mad that you didnt want to play as intended, so you gave yoyrself an advantage by cheating. You are the problem with MMO games, ruining it for the rest of us.

    • thanks for replying I haven't actually played this game in more than a year so I don't think I'm ruining it for anyone.

    • InJeff

      I love this hypocritical holier-than-thou opinion that people hold in MMO's. Some people work for a living. In the real world they trade their time for money. You can choose to work less so you can play a game more, I'll continue to choose to work more, be a productive member of society, and not feel guilty about spending my money to catch up with those who are under/unemployed that are playing this game "competitively". I have an unfair advantage because I have to work for a living and provide for the people in my life? No, Sir, it is you that has the unfair advantage, in that you do not see that time is a more valuable commodity, and you freely trade it for pittance.

      You value your time far less than money, and accordingly you spend more time playing a video game then you do productively working. I value my time as greater than money, and I will never apologize for spending money that I worked hard to obtain in order to enjoy a video game.

      These arguments don't even take into account the positive affects of job creation in lesser fortunate countries. I'm going to take pride in knowing the 200 bucks I'm about to drop on Ingress is going to be keeping a bunch of people out of sweatshops. They're also really fucking nice people who can't afford phones good enough to play ingress on. If you ever have the fortune to buy from any of them, you can talk to them as if they are real people because, SHOCKER, they are. Oh, and they are really grateful for the business bringing them out of poverty. You're an elitist western snob.

      I can actually argue for days about this. The most shockingly stupid part, from a game standpoint, is that you want your opponents to be well equipped and a high level. This allows them to easily take down portals and links you establish. Once they do so, you can then take down THEIR portals and links, reestablishing your own. All of these functions add your badge count, well is your AP count. You get between zero and sweet fuck all AP just leaving up portals and links. Hell, the game doesn't even let you get AP from your faction's portals unless you glyph hack them.

      Curry, the one thing they are right about, you shouldn't do it while driving. You're not just admitting to cheating, you're admitting to violating local, state, maybe even federal, laws, possibly endangering yourself or others ๐Ÿ˜› I'm not American, so I'm not sure which it would be.

      • Thanks for your comments!

      • A1rh3ad

        Here's an idea. If you don't have time to play a game then find something else to do.

  • So what happened when you were caught?

    • I was never caught. I just quit playing. It was fun, but I got bored of it.

      • Dogmairof

        You stated, "I am admitting this because I was caught. Ingress' software detected that I was utilizing an out of date build and had determined that by using this build of software I was "cheating". ". So what happened at that point?

        The point of the game is to get you out and moving, if you choose to drive and play that is your risk, you can't ask google to make it easter to drive and hack in a game made for walking, in my country its illegal to drive and use a mobile device, even hands free is illegal.

        • At that point, I installed the latest version, played for a few days longer, but routinely hacking the same few spots in our region was slow and boring. And it took Ingress to process new locations sometimes up to 6 months so even now I am still getting notifications of acceptance of spots.

          Even with the point of the game being to get you out and moving. What about people on a bike? What about using a segway or a golf cart. Adding the ability to auto hack - NOT auto attack, isn't a bad thing. You still have to slow down and stay inside the border of the spot you are hacking.

          But regardless, I haven't played in months and I had reached level 8 and had a lot of fun and even turned some people on to the game. i am just glad that this little story gets so much attention.

          Thanks for stopping by!